Permaboss Puts Your Embroidery
Business on Steroids with the NGL50
a “Bridge Laser Alternative”



Dear Fellow Embroiderer,

Permaboss was founded in 1999, specifically as a company to offer proven profitable decoration alternatives to embroiderers and screen printers.

In recent years, the advent of the so-called “Bridge Laser” has become a factor in how to compete profitably in this current market as well as against “Made in China” pricing that has affected everyone. In fact, we sold first one in Canada and USA, others soon followed.

Because the investment for an entry level bridge laser from our competitors starts in the $130,000 - $150,000 USD plus range and quickly goes up when you add all the logistics costs alone not to mention, production disruption costs, laser down time, it quickly becomes limited to only the big boys!

After selling many bridge lasers from one of the so-called “Premier” Italian companies, we know firsthand that you need to be able to accommodate one physically on your site and logistically in terms of delivery and installation. You need 3 phase electricity at the right voltage, you need ceiling heights over 8 feet (240cm) you need a forklift that can handle 5000lbs, you need to clear room to get the huge bar into your facility off of a flatbed truck or container, get the bridge assembled put the room back together and the list goes on.

The worst thing is that few people can afford a backup laser, so when your down, you’re really down! Everyone has redundancy in embroidery or screen printing but all three major Italian laser manufacturers are renown for having lots of service calls and down time. We know this because we made sales based on the other brands issues and they did the same to us. We hated to be the middle man always requiring a technician from Italy regardless of how smart our guys are. It was like owning a Ferrari, they are fast and nice but god help you when it comes to service and service costs.

Without trying to rant it’s important to know why the NGL was created. It is more important to know that we didn’t sacrifice a thing in terms of performance. Its designed for us by Austrians who rival the Germans in quality and design but for north America is 100% made here! Its digitally based with 80% less parts and electronic components than the three Italian lasers, any regular embroidery technician can install it, you won’t need a factory rep flying out to do anything down the road! Best of all NOTHING in terms of performance or speed is sacrificed. We use the same laser source (Universal in AZ or Synrad in WA), Our software is 100% English first then made into other languages- so no foreign mystery messages!

In conclusion, we took 27 years of knowledge, experience in the field (good and bad), we took all the feedback from the laser customers and created the NGL or Next Generation Laser for the everyday embroidery shop that needs to innovate in order to not just survive but to prosper.

After personally visiting more than 2500 embroidery shops in North America I’d like to think that we took those experiences and your feedback and created something that will enable any embroidery shop the ability to deal with “Made in China” pricing. It will empower you to compete with embroidery companies who have hundreds of heads and have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in machines. It will let you do exactly what they do in 7% of the floor space and at a price most every single embroidery shop can afford. I’m pretty sure you can afford $4.75/hr! The NGL laser costs about that based on 21 days/mo 8 hours per day!



One way to look at it is the following. The NGL Laser will increase your output on your current embroidery machines by 100-400% depending on the design! You do that because you reduce your stitch count by 70-90%. If you charge only the SAME price and don’t increase your prices then you will have a higher profit margin. You can output more pieces with less people.

These are all facts and this website will prove it. Please feel free to contact us with any and all your questions.

Robert Harbauer | President

Don’t forget to ask us about our:
“Profitable in 90 days or less or we pay your lease or financing” guarantee. Recession or no recession, our machines are guaranteed to make you profitable.

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