Hooping Press


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Eliminate Workman’s Comp Claims with New Laser Hooping Press

The PermaPress hooping system uses the biggest muscle in your body and frees operators hands so they can use them to register the garment. Unlike air operated presses that provide no feedback, using your leg muscle gives feedback of pressure to prevent hoop breakage. This system is always required after a workman’s comp claim because it totally eliminates repetitive stress disorders, carpal tunnel and golfers and tennis elbow. It’s especially useful for petit and older operators who are less effective when heavier items with large hoops are used but especially with use of embroidery lasers because of the significant increase in output and higher logo turnover where more hooping per hour is required.

Full training included.
Works hoops of ALL brands of machines.
Prices starting at $2,995 including red LED aiming laser system for multimedia embroidery applications.
Call for Free demo video 1-888-442-7929